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You Music, You Shyne

La nouvelle version de Shyne! est en cours de développement.
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Truth exists within the relationship with ourself and with others....

We would like extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to both Vivek Srinivasan and Salma Mossa from Prudence Advisors/Startup Club, for their precious help and their guidance in building the company from the idea to the product. For their patience and their kindness, even and above all when times were hard. Without forgetting Avirath Kapur for his energy and his talent.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Alexia Moity and Tiffany Assouline from ECV Digital School Paris. Our gratitude to all UI/UX students, especially Marion Cvetkovic, Laura Hautreux, Agathe Tiriau who made the interface of Shyne!, and their professors for their enthusiasm, their inspiration and their insights:

Anais Fabra, Alexandre Szmytko, Alix Valentin, Christopher Trang
Berivan Kilavuz, Shuang Geng, Tiana Sahoby Rakotomalala
Edouard Sastre, Hanane Djebbar, Gaëtan Recly (especially for the design of the music library!)
Edwige Picard, Jonathan Lalande
Jimmylie Fontes, Paméla Mitri, Lillia Daffi
Laure Denizot, Fanilo Ralamboson, Solenne Carréras
Mathilde Clément, Julien Osmont, Florian Ory-Lavollée
SolĂšne Nouailhetas, Hugo Daunois, Gautier Boudy